The online courses with less fluff and a tonne of valuable content you can implement straight away.

From your initial idea, to launching your own business in less than 2 months.  

Launch your empire properly the first time with Start Lab. 

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Our full-scale online master courses provide options for independent learning or comprehensive coaching and learning in one. 

Our courses take you through module by module to ensure you cover all angles of starting your online business successfully. 


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Ever wanted to up your game in one key area?

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Automation
  • Product Development

Just a few of the game-changing mini-courses we offer that are guaranteed to provide value.

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Explore our growing library of hacks, insights, audio files, interviews and much much more. 

We are all about the value here at Start Lab and you won't find better value than the free library of small business advice.

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The Test:   Turning your brilliant idea into a fully functioning business (in less than 2 months)

The Lab results:  Building the dream business and life that you want and deserve.

And here is something we can guarantee;  Life improves everyday when you make the decision to start working for yourself. 
Our lives changed years ago and we still pinch ourselves every morning!
BUT.......it didn't come without a lot of work, trial and error, exploring and making a good chunk of mistakes. We'll save you that trouble.

Launch Lab is your ultimate portal to success.

Accelerate your start-up journey with our full checklist, cheat sheets and guided learnings to ensure you've got all
your ducks in a row.

Take as little or as much as you like and create your own pathway to success.

  • Less fluff. We honestly don't have time to muck around with the well known marketing tricks, or sales funnels here.
    It's our guarantee that we have jammed this course with tested methods and tools to help you launch.
  • Dive in, get it done. Our simple step by step process will allow you to navigate easily through the course, gain the knowledge and then implement it! Our implementation worksheets will get you doing, rather than just reading. We guarantee progress.
  • The forum. Never feel alone. Every single female completing the course has access to our brilliant online forum. The benefit? You don't have to go far, or worry who to ask for help. Upload a query to the group, ask for feedback, make your changes and move on to your next lesson. What do you get out of this? The feedback will give you the courage and know-how to push through, obtain valuable feedback and launch confidently. You may be tackling this launch on your own, but you will never feel alone amongst our entrepreneurial network.
  • Short & sharp with no expiry. The course is NOT full of common fillers (we have left that to the other online educators) this is a course made to get you up and running in record timing. Don't be put off, our speed does not equal rushing! You can complete the course as fast or as slow as you need and revisit your lessons as many times as you would like.
  • The wealth of information. It wasn't a light decision, but it is one we have made with a full heart. We are giving away our industry secrets, so you can stop wasting time searching for the right resources and focus on your business and your best life. How can we prove it to you? Download our start-up checklist here for FREE!
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I highly recommend Start Lab. I have almost completed the course and am really enjoying it. Was feeling daunted by the technology and processes I knew little about. Start Lab has inspired me to try new things and help me be professionally and creatively independent. Plenty of friendly support along the way which has been really helpful.


These two ladies are the best! Their passion to help others in business is genuine. If you have ever dreamed of having a side hustle - now is the time (and we all have loads of it!!). This offer is amazing, had to share.


I am really loving this course. All the bullsh*t has been removed and you get honest, direct answers to the things that are important. 

You guys should be so proud, you can tell you really know your sh*t. 


Less dreaming, more doing ladies!

You are only 8 weeks away from launching something that will change your life (and the way you view work) forever!
We are basically throwing our invaluable tested and trusted resources at you.

We will save you countless time, $$$ and frustrations.

Here is a quick guide to what we will empower you with, throughout the course, in preparation for your launch.

Finding your target audience & creating your brand

You will need a deep understanding from the very beginning of who are the people most likely to buy from you. In order to do this, we will help you understand the importance of your target audience and how to create your buying persona profiles. You will learn how to bring your branding, colour palette, logo and more to life, and ensure your story speaks directly to your audience.

The competition & how to set yourself apart from it

Instead of ignoring or being intimidated by the competition, we will help you correctly profile what's currently on offer in your market, discover what has been missed and how to create your unique selling points so you really stand out from the crowd.

Operations (yawn) & how to power through them

Sorry, it's not the most interesting of topics, BUT, it has to be done.
It's your checklist of things that you need to operate comfortably from the get-go.
Some things are non-negotiable for legal reasons and some are a must to ensure you don't end up in a tangled mess later on. 

Suppliers, sourcing & Product presentation

Beyond finding the right suppliers, which we will certainly dive into, it's imperative you follow through to ensure your product or service is presented the best it can be. Product photography and presentation is EVERYTHING and finding the right suppliers, over the not so great ones, can change the entire game for you.

Creating a website to fit your business model
We will show you how to get online fast and for as little as possible, whilst learning the backend of your platform and how to edit it, adjust or make changes yourself
(which will save you a tonne of $$$) 
This module will help you decide on the best platform to use that is best suited to your business.
Marketing your business for launch

You need to build anticipation and get your audience excited for launch! If they have heard about you in advance, the more eager they will be and the more people they will tell! Before launch day, we will ensure you have a better understanding of what falls under the "Marketing" umbrella ( think free advertising vs paid advertising, social media set up, SEO optimisation and collabs) to make sure you have a marketing plan of action ready both pre and post-launch day!

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